venerdì 25 ottobre 2013

Coming soon: New section in my Etsy Shop

I'm glad to announce that I'm going to open a new section in my Etsy Shop: Numbers Pin.
Here's a preview and, of course, the story!

This morning I went to see with my mom some furniture to buy for our antique shop, in a dismissed Tailor's shop. When we are going out, we saw a draw full of colored numbers: they were pins, probably used for customers orders. Shall we let them throw away?! Of course not!
I've taken them home and I'm going to sell them in a new section of my Ginger Zoo & Co shop on Etsy.
Oh I've nearly forgotten to tell you the name of this collection: The Wrong Answer. Because the only right answer has to be the award for the discovery!

PS: Do you think that I've changed my outfit for the photo? Yes? Well, Wrong Answer, I was already dress like that this morning!

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